Birding on Lake Bunyonyi

Birding on Lake Mbunyonyi
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Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi is known as the second deepest lake in Africa with its deep end being at 900m. This lake is also dotted with Islands and the most common ones include; the Akampene Island which is mostly known as the punishment Island, Bwana, Kyahugye, Njuyeera, Bucuranuka, Bushara. All these Islands have got many bird species that can be enjoyed by the many bird watchers that visit the Lake. This same lake is also home to many otters, the crayfish and its bird paradise to many species of birds and lies between Kisoro and kabale districts that are close to the border of Rwanda.

With lake having about 29 islands all found in its center, it makes it more convenient to stay around even those which homeless are fond of seeking refuge at on this lake and this has drastically increased their numbers. Some of the island on the lake include;-Akampene ,Bushara, Bwama and Njuyeera, Bacuranuka and many more. All the islands are easily accessed by boat and actually some tourists enjoy transferring from one island to another on boat as they search for different bird species. As they sail on the waters of Bunyonyi, they get a chance of encountering some birds especially the water birds as they play and roam about the water surface.

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